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About Orange Sprout

Orange Sprout is all about budding and blooming happiness.The play school in coimbatore. It brings in a new era of education where tiny tots have fun learning in our Pre-school in coimbatore. The methodology is based on the ‘Multiple Intelligence’ Theory to make the kids smart in every way. We help children in their physical, mental, emotional and cognitive growth in a bespoke and safe environment where creativity and innovation are writ large in every activity. We are guided by the principle of 5Es –


by making use of opportunities to gently challenge children by introducing new ideas and encourage them in their initiatives and choices.


by providing a learning environment with a variety of brain-building activities.


by creating a lively place full of fun and games, love, care and freedom.


through programs that serve as fundamental components where children can explore different learning avenues.


by giving reliable information, respecting their views and recognizing them as individuals first.

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