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We have a Curriculum which is unconventional and exciting. It is based on Dr. Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Theory which states that each child has varying levels of eight intelligences that enable the child to learn using a unique cognitive profile ensuring a life-long love for learning.

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  • Verbal - Linguistic: Excels in words, languages, poetry.
  • Logical – Mathematical: Excels in Math and logical thinking.
  • Visual- Spatial: Excels in shapes, designs, graphics and visualization.
  • Bodily- Kinesthetic: Excels in performing sports, physical activities and body movements.
  • Musical: Excels in performing and composing musical pieces.
  • Intrapersonal: Ability to understand one’s inner feelings and have self-realization and to know about one self.
  • Interpersonal: Ability to organize people, group activities and social relationship.
  • Naturalistic: Loves animals, plants and nature and understands natural world.


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