"We are very happy sending our son to school.There are lots of changes in our son which we can see after joining this school."

Preethi - Diviths Mom.

"Application of practical knowledge to kids,frequent field trips and celebration of various days are your methods of teaching kids. And your approach towards kids to keep them active, entertained and well trained in various fields are very impressive. I am fully satisfied and my kid is trained well."

Krithikkaa - Rishikkaa s mom.

"Hi this is CV Lakshana's mom. The day she came to school she was crying, slowly she got used with staffs and kids. They teach different activities and engage the kids full time. And i like their way of teaching. Thank you"

Chandhini - C V Lakshana s mom

“Orange sprout has a friendly environment and it offers a variety of activities where the kids love coming to school. I am very happy giving her a great start to her school life.”

Ramya - Harita s mom.

"Very much satisfied with janvi s performance and the way she is learning things. Her confidence level has increased. She is enjoying every minute here."

Nisha Mehta - Janvi s mom.

"Excellent program. Kids enjoyed to the core. All the best."


"Really enjoyed. Well and neatly maintained. Superb arrangement. Very useful."

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